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As the Oxybio Team, consisting of doctors and disinfection experts, we have made it our goal to stem nosocomial infections using an environmentally friendly process. For this purpose, two products with the safest hygiene solutions were developed, which among other viruses kill the currently raging coronavirus within only 5 minutes: The Oxybio Automat and the associated hydrogen peroxide solution Oxyhygiene12. These two products in combination result in an environmentally responsible, biodegradable and ecologically justifiable solution for sustainable room disinfection.


As doctors, we know how important the proper disinfection of the practice is. The protection of our staff as well as the protection of our patients is our top priority. This is the reason why we would like to pass the procedure on to you. Because we are 100% convinced!


Certification by numerous experts and studies in the field of disinfection has top priority. Also the German Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has included regulations on room disinfection with hydrogen peroxide in the "16th edition of the list of tested and recognized disinfectants and processes" and has given important information on how to carry out these processes. This underlines the importance of room disinfection using the hydrogen peroxide process.


As the team at Oxybio, we are at your disposal with our expertise for a quick and complete disinfection of your premises and to help you taking the most out of it.

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